Questions you should ask when choosing a realtor


Chances are that, when you are looking for a real estate investment to either buy, sell, or lease out, you’ll be working with a realtor. Who you choose to work with can make quite a difference in your understanding of the market, properties you see and negotiate for, or how your current property is presented to others.

Here are some important questions to ask when interviewing a realtor:

  • Do they either specialize in the type of property management you’re focused on (for example, single family homes or apartments), or at least have relevant experience? You should not choose a realtor who specializes in finding homes if you are searching for commercial property.
  • Have they helped other clients find properties?
  • Do they own any investment properties? How many, and what kind? Do they manage those properties?
  • Do they have ideas about where to look for properties? Costs? ROI?
  • Do they have recommendations for financing? Connections with mortgage lenders or brokers?
  • Will they supply you with a CMA (comparative market analysis) and discuss the current market? And trends?

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