What to take care of before listing your property


Make sure that your property looks its best, so that you can get the best tenants!  In addition to thoroughly cleaning the property and fixing what’s broken, here’s some items to consider:

  • The lawn should look tidy: weed, mow, trim trees and bushes.  Add flowers and replace dead plants
  • Sweep the porch and clean and/or stain the front door, clean windows
  • Remove spider webs and the like
  • Make sure that all light bulbs work, including those outside
  • Clean ceiling fans (a dirty fan is very noticeable in an empty house) and clean/polish light fixtures
  • Touch up cabinets, and make sure that the inside of each cabinet is clean
  • Clean grout, especially in bathrooms
  • Clean the shower door
  • Clean walls.  Either touch up paint, or re-paint
  • Don’t forget about cleaning the base boards
  • Take professional pictures.  These can be re-used, as long as there are no changes

You’ll need to prioritize — time is of the essence!  The sooner that you get your property on the market, the sooner you’ll be collecting rent.   That said, don’t list until the property shines.  It’s not worth it.

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