The Landlord List: Information to leave with your tenants

When you are checking in your renters, they will be overwhelmed with information from you, in addition to all the stress of moving.  Even if you go through these items when you meet with them, leaving printouts of instructions will be invaluable to them.  Plus, if they know how to take care of your property, you’ll have fewer costs and headaches too!

Obviously, some of these items will pertain to your property, and some won’t.  Also, some of these items are more pertinent to renters that are from other countries (“ex-pats”), and first-time renters.


  • Pool: how to clean, how to use the keypad, care in freezing weather
  • Sprinkler system: how often to run, how to use the keypad, how to turn off and drain in freezing weather
  • How to turn off the water supply, and where the turn-off is located
  • How to turn off gas and electricity, and where controls are located
  • Lawn: how often to fertilize


  • Garbage disposal (many people outside the U.S. don’t have these): how to operate, clean, what not to put down the drain, and how to fix a jam
  • Air filters: what size is needed, how often to replace
  • Water filters (including ones in the refrigerator): what size is required, where to purchase, how often to replace
  • Fire extinguisher: where located, how to use
  • Cook-tops: how to use an induction cook-top, how to clean any cook-top
  • Water softener: how to care for, what to buy, how often to change
  • Whirlpool tub: how to operate, how to clean
  • Washing machine: how to clean, especially if front-loading
  • Dryer: how to clean out lint and where access is located

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