The Landlord List: Maintaining the inside of your rental property

Here is a list of things to consider doing in-between tenants.  I basically think to myself: What would need to be done in the next five years?   After all, a tenant could stay a long time, or you could find yourself with very little time between renters.

  • Clean the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher.  If the washing machine is front-loading, check for mildew, and don’t forget to leave the door open
  • Clean the refrigerator.  Don’t forget to vacuum the coils
  • Clean the filters in vent hoods and cook tops
  • Clean all air ducts and the dryer vent
  • Deep clean carpets
  • Clean out drains.  Run an enzyme-based drain cleaner to help prevent future problems
  • Clean and seal grout, both flooring and bathroom tiles
  • Clean the shower door.  If the door gets spotty from hard water, use a protectorate to make this easier for next time
  • Replace toilet seats.  Check toilet plumbing for issues
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Consider using 10-year batteries.  If the detectors are more than ten years old, replace
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors if needed
  • Hire a pro to do a furnace and a/c check
  • Take photos of EVERYTHING

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  1. Robin Morph – Austin, Texas – Aspiring fantasy/scifi author who likes to ramble about things on her blog. Biology and Humanities major at UT Austin. Please excuse my shapeshifting.
    Robin Morph

    You covered cleaning the seal grout, but what about the sea lion grout?

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