Running your business: Showing your property

Here’s some considerations that I hope are helpful for you:

Have a mat outside for wiping feet, and a small rug (with non-slip backing) inside at the front door.  This will help keep the property clean.

In the bathroom, remember to have toilet paper, hand-soap, and a nice towel available.  No explanation needed.

Make sure that the temperature inside is pleasant.  And not only for showings.  The temperature should always be reasonable: too cold and pipes could burst, too warm and wood flooring could be ruined.

Go over before a showing and make sure that blinds are open and lights are on.  Potential renters love a property with lots of light!  And remember to go over after the showing.  Not only is it best to turn the lights out (nothing says empty house than a brightly lit one in the middle of the night), but you’d be amazed how many realtors will leave a door unlocked.  Or a gate open.  While you’re there, do a quick sweep of the property to make sure that all is well.

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  1. Robin Morph – Austin, Texas – Aspiring fantasy/scifi author who likes to ramble about things on her blog. Biology and Humanities major at UT Austin. Please excuse my shapeshifting.
    Robin Morph

    But will the renters like lots of light if they’re vampires or millennials?

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