Starting your business: What NOT to do when listing your rental property

You know what to do when listing your property (or you will soon!).  You’ve upped the curb appeal, repaired problems,  put on fresh paint, and the like.  But it’s also important NOT to do certain things:

Don’t limit hours for potential renters and realtors.  This is more of a problem if you are listing your property while it’s still occupied.  The current renters are likely to reject showings if it’s not convenient for them.  And for some tenants, it’s never convenient!   I’ve found that if a property can’t be seen when the potential tenant wants to see it, they rarely try a second time.

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Try not to have a dog or cat on the property for viewings.  Again, only an issue if you’re showing the property while the current tenant is still living there.  Even the friendliest dog can bite or scare people, and cats can scare off future tenants that have allergy issues.

Don’t price your property too high.  You might think that you need to list with a high price, and that potential renters will try to negotiate the price down.  Yes, many people try to negotiate the price down.  But if you price it too high, no one will come by to see it.  Be realistic, and price within the range of other properties.

Don’t “stretch the truth” in your listing.  Don’t claim that you have, for example, four bedrooms, when that “fourth bedroom” is only large enough for a desk, has no closet, or privacy.  This works against you in two ways.  First, you will have people viewing the property who aren’t getting what’s on their check list, and therefore will not consider renting it anyway.  Second, potential renters will feel that you’re trying to cheat them.  They will move on to the next listing.

Not returning calls or answering questions is also a bad idea.  Even if it concerns something that you’d rather avoid, you owe it to the potential tenant, realtors, and yourself to be open and honest.  Start the relationship out right.  Be professional and honest.


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